An etiquette guide to adding cannabis to your dinner party

By Marble & Smoke, an anonymous NYC based event planner, who loves to talk all things cannabis, etiquette, and entertaining. Follow her on Instagram.

As cannabis consumption becomes more and more normalized, popping up casually in everything from TV shows to podcasts, it’s also popping up more and more in social settings. Today, I want to talk about one of the most important things to consider when including cannabis in your dinner party menu — knowing your crowd.

3 Types of cannabis-cultured groups:

Down to roll: Are you confident all of your guests are comfortable with cannabis? Then have fun and get creative! I like to set up a smoke station alongside my cocktail set up. Put out a few different strains of ground herb in small dishes, or mix your own blend of the night. Include a pipe, rolling papers, and another small dish for ashing. If it’s a festive occasion, set out some pre-rolls made with Shine’s 24k gold rolling papers.

Mixed company: If you know some of your guests will be eager to imbibe, and aren’t sure about others, make it available, but don’t push it or pass it. Make sure everyone knows where it’s located and leave it at that. Don’t raise an eyebrow if you see someone enjoying it who you didn’t expect — parties aren’t the time for cannabis confessionals, which can easily dominate the conversation.

Green to the green: If you know that some of your guests have never consumed cannabis, tread carefully, but don’t be shady about it or send your guests down the block for a smoke. Just like alcohol, many people are comfortable with others consuming even if they don’t partake. Make sure the smoke isn’t obtrusive, and keep the supply low.

If in doubt (for example, if you have a friend who might have religious reasons for refraining or has dealt with substance abuse problems), give a heads up — “Hey, just letting you know some guests on Saturday will likely be smoking pot. Let me know if that makes you uncomfortable.” If it does, make sure your cannabis consuming guests have a spot to partake in a bedroom or away from the main crowd.

In any of these situations, follow these guidelines to make sure your dream dinner party doesn’t go up in smoke:

  • Too much of a good thing is always too much: the over-buzzed guest who can’t stop talking tinfoil about Game of Thrones and interrupting everyone’s conversations is no fun for anyone, especially if not everyone is partaking. If everyone’s buzzed, allow the supply to run out for a bit.
  • Hydrate – with water! Keep a jug and glasses handy for all.
  • If alcohol is also on the menu, keep an eye on any guests who aren’t frequent smokers. It’s easy to have the effects of booze + weed hit stronger than expected, and that’s not fun for anyone. Not sure how to intervene? Hand your friend a glass of water and try “That strain you were smoking is pretty strong – you will thank me later if you skip this session.”
  • If edibles are part of the mix, make sure everyone has a solid plan to get home. Driving is a no-no, and if the plan includes public transportation, ask your friends to shoot you a text when they’ve arrived home safely.

Coming soon: That friend of yours who has NEVER touched cannabis is interested in trying? Check out these tips for making sure their first experience is enjoyable for all.

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