Are greedy bastards trying to patent cannabis?

There are small things rub us the wrong way about the cannabis industry, for example, people who say “Touch the plant,” about those who handle or sell marijuana. But an investigative piece in the September GQ says a shadowy network of evil fuckersĀ is trying to patent the cannabis plant itself which could have severe ramifications on the medical marijuana and adult-use industries.

“These are utility patents, the strongest intellectual-property protection available for crops. Utility patents are so strict that almost everyone who comes in contact with the plant could be hit with a licensing fee: growers and shops, of course, but also anyone looking to breed new varieties or conduct research,” GQ writes of a cabal of big business interests seeking to purloin the legalized marijuana industry.

We have no problem with capitalism, this is America after all, but secretive attempts to patent and strongarm the cannabis industry and prevent patients from getting medicine or causing skyrocketing costs in dispensaries is wrong.

However, as our California underground cannabis retailer (weed dealer) columnist Duke of Herb says, the underground isn’t going anywhere. As long as black marketĀ dealers can beat dispensary prices and allow people to stay off state registries then underground dealers can thrive especially in decriminalized states.

But if this GQ story is to be believed and there are attempts to corner the marijuana market like Randolph and Mortimer Duke going after frozen orange juice in “Trading Places,” then both legal and underground marijuana consumers and distributors should prepare for costs to rise.



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