Could groups denied PA marijuana permits delay the program’s launch?

Pennsylvania’s health department last week awarded 12 permits to grow medical marijuana and in doing so kicked off  a “firestorm of controversy, with “many losers decrying a lack of transparency and threatening legal action that could delay getting medicine to patients for years,” reports

With potentially lucrative permits, Sam Wood writes, it is expected there would be sore losers.

In Maryland and Florida, litigation filed by groups that were shut out has stalled those states’ programs for years.

“Could this slow down the launch of the program? Well, it’s just speculation, but it certainly could,” Charles Pollack, director of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp, the medical marijuana think tank based at Thomas Jefferson University told

“It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the people file suit to stop the process until there’s more clarity about how the decisions were reached.”

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