Duke of Herb: Business advice for dealers in states going medical/recreational

There are studies about taxes and other financial benefits to governments with medical or recreational marijuana, but we wondered, “What are the impacts on your friendly neighborhood weed dealer?”

Seemed the perfect topic for a California pot dealer we’ll call Frankie aka Duke of Herb, who will contribute regularly with his Confessions of a Weed Dealer.

By Duke of Herb

When medical marijuana comes to a new state, I guarantee many people will be worrisome at first about being put into a database, not wanting to be outed as a pot-smoker, so they will always still use their black market connect. You might make a little less, but now you can get rid of it legally. I will take a few hundred less a pound to cancel out the idea/stress of having to face imprisonment any day of the week.

I’ve been medical for over 14 years but I only sell black market. Clubs are expensive with 8ths usually around the $50+ range and ounces over $350. I make a living because my customers know they are getting farm direct. I’m selling them the same thing I am bringing to the clubs to sell and for less.  

When the risk is removed, the reward is definitely not going to as fruitful, but now you can do it freely. If you are going to try to make this a viable income for you and stay in the game, you are going to have to stay current with the markets, know the latest strains and carry them, be competitive with price.

I see marijuana becoming more like wine or craft beer, or organic vegetables. People are willing to pay more for organic, smaller batch, grown with more care products.

Delivering will always help increase business too. Come on, we are lazy, we’re stoners! If you grow, take the extra hour a day and give your plants that extra attention. Don’t be cheap when it comes to nutrients, it makes a difference, Don’t be lazy when it comes to pruning and flushing, it makes a difference. It’s a new world and we all need to step up our game. 

It’s a new world and we all need to step up our game. 

Most importantly, have reasonable modest expectations. If you are thinking you are going come up hard and kill it in the weed business, think again. Unless you have major backing, you are probably not going to have the biggest or most lucrative operation. You can make a comfortable living selling pot, but if you want a mansion with a “World Is Yours” statue, sell coke, it’s easier and the millennials love it!

If you have a question for the Duke of Herb, you can email info@elevatednation.com.

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