Product Review: EZ Pipe offers a discreet, simple one-handed smoke

Call us crazy, but the new EZ Pipe by The Kind Pen could very well replace the bat/dugout system that has long sustained stoners on-the-go worldwide.

This part-plastic/part-metal pipe holds a lighter in place and requires only one hand to sneak a hit.

And it only costs 10 bucks.

Fake-cigarette bats can cost $2-$5 a piece and a wooden dugout can run you $20 or more. This nifty device comes in a variety of colors and retails for only $9.99 from The Kind Pen. 

Depending on your grinding prowess, the EZ Pipe can fit several grams of ground leaf under its magnetized lid/storage compartment. Its well-placed hole sucks in the lighter’s flame and creates a solid pull. You may need to poke around and adjust your contents and, fortunately, there’s a poker hidden inside the bottom of the EZ Pipe.

We don’t want to say the EZ Pipe is perfect, but for the price and power it delivers, we are hard-pressed to find a flaw.

You can learn more about The Kind Pen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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