Kind Financial helps Canadian cannabis payments

California-based cannabis compliance company Kind Financial has launched Seed to Payment in Canada.

The online platform will give Canadian cannabis businesses a fully integrated e-commerce opportunity allowing them to monitor payments, process credit card transactions and put revenue into banks, which is nearly impossible in the United States.

“Our mission is to ensure business and technological growth for all constituencies within the cannabis industry while ensuring full compliance with evolving regulations,” said David Dinenberg, founder and CEO of KIND Financial.

Unlike the United States where almost all cannabis transactions take place in cash, in Canada the entire legal marketplace exists online.  KIND Seed to Payment operates in several languages and also multiple currencies including the Euro and Australian dollar.

“We’ve been very focused on a global vision and taking a strategic approach towards solving the cannabis industry’s largest problem – banking,” Dinenberg tells Elevated Nation. “We’ve made  a strong commitment to security and compliance, which is evident through our partnership with Microsoft.”

“We’re excited to be working in a new country to boost the Canadian cannabis industry in a safe and regulated manner, and we look forward to expanding into other markets overseas.

Dinenberg says the company is also working on KIND Pay, a mobile payment system that will take Visa and MasterCard payments as well as handle the consumers digital wallet.


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