Marijuana mosh: Murphy’s Law’s ‘Quest for Herb’

Murphy’s Law‘s “Quest for Herb,” is the 2nd best musical ode to marijuana.

The first, of course, is Black Sabbath‘s “Sweet Leaf.”

Even New York Hardcore veterans Murphy’s Law¬†would admit that, sampling “Sweet Leaf” at the end of their thrashing two-minute tune that holds up to this day.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan wrote about the influence of the song in his recent memoir “Hard-Core: Life on My Own.” Flanagan says he and a group of friends including Murphy’s Law frontman Jimmy Gestapo had started a group called “The Church of Herb’s Quest”

“That was like our saying, our motto, the eternal quest for the burning bush,” Flanagan writes.

Any bands feel up to the challenge, send us a video of you covering this song and we’ll post it.

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