Nearly 60% of Americans favor legal marijuana

Nearly 60 percent of Americans now believe in marijuana legalization, according to the General Social Survey, which found 57 percent of American adults in favor of legal cannabis in 2016. The same study two years earlier showed support at 52 percent.

A published summary of the research shows the disparities between age groups and political affiliations among those surveyed. Two-thirds of those 18-34 support legalization, which people 35-64 also favor by majority while only 42 percent of senior citizens support legal marijuana.

The Washington Post‘s analysis of the survey also shows that while more than 60 percent of Democrats now favor legal cannabis, only 40 percent of Republicans do. The groups were fairly similar however, at 29 percent for Democrats, and 26 for Republicans in the year 2000.

The General Social Survey, funded primarily by the National Science Foundation, and conducted using in-person interviews with nearly 2,000 adults nationwide last spring.

With victories for legalization in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts last year, roughly 1-in-5 Americans will have access to legal marijuana in their home states. Our Northern neighbors in Canada however will likely formally announce nationwide marijuana legalization by July of 2018.

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