#NotALazyStoner campaign helps clean up South Philly

Words and Photos by Mike Whiter

This morning, 13 men and women from the Philadelphia cannabis community got together, donned bright yellow safety vests emblazoned with a cannabis leaf on the back and cleaned up trash on ten blocks of South Broad Street from Oregon Ave. to Moore St.

Philadelphia has a reputation for being a dirty city.

While the Center City Special Services District cleanup crew works the area north of Locust Street and the Sports Complex Special Services District cleanup crew works the area south of Oregon Ave., there is nobody to clean up the 27 blocks between Oregon and Locust.

You would think that people would want to keep the front of their homes and business clean, you’d be mistaken, as just in the ten blocks that the volunteers cleaned up today, 13 industrial sized trash bags were filled up with everything from cigarette butts (SO MANY CIGARETTE BUTTS!!!) to condoms to vinyl siding.

Musician Justin Michaud (in shades and maroon T-shirt in group photo) organized this event, dubbed, “Broad Street Brush Up.” It was part of his #NotALazyStoner campaign, which aims to dispel the stereotype that all stoners are the dregs of society that they’re portrayed to be.

Getting 13 people who don’t smoke cannabis to clean up other people’s trash would be a feat in and of itself, but getting 13 stoners who want to help their community definitely helps cement the point that stoners are not all lazy.

Although pleased with today’s turnout, Justin says he’d like to see 50 show up to the next one. “If 13 people could do what we did today, imagine what a group of 50-100 could do,” he said.

Follow Justin on Instagram to learn more about upcoming #NotALazyStoner activities.

You can learn more about photojournalist and cannabis activist Mike Whiter on his website.  



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