Product Review: The Dream concentrate vaporizer by The Kind Pen

By Ryan Petzar

imageWhen it comes to getting you elevated quickly and efficiently, The Dream wax concentrate vaporizer pen by The Kind Pen ($99, The Kind Pen) is unquestionably state of the art.

Thanks to a couple of quirks, it is by no means a perfect vape pen, but it more than lives up to the reputation of a 2016 “Cannabis Cup Best Vaporizer” winner and I can’t recommend it enough to beginners and vape veterans alike. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Dream is its striking design. Eschewing the conventional, low-profile e-cig styling of most vape pens on the market, the designers at The Kind Pen came up with a bold aluminum and glass design that is as impressive technically as it is functional.

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As good as it looks, the Dream performs even better: Its heating element gets up to one of three selectable temperatures quickly, delivering rich, clean hits through a custom glass mouthpiece that can fill even the largest of lungs. Plus, the whole thing is powered by an enormous 1500mAh battery that charges via MicroUSB so it will last you all day if you need it to. 

The Dream comes packaged with interchangeable dual-quartz and ceramic disk coils, both of which perform spectacularly. In comparing the two coils, I’ve found that I prefer the dual-quartz skillet because of how it tends to result in longer, even draws and thicker, more satisfying vapor clouds as opposed to the ceramic disk coil which seems to consume concentrates too quickly for my liking. 

Thanks to the adjustable air vent on unit’s body, both coils consume wax concentrates quite thoroughly and cleanly, resulting in considerably less residual carbon buildup than any other vape pen I’ve ever used. Carbon residue builds up on a vape’s heating element with use, diminishing over time the unit’s ability to efficiently vaporize your wax, resulting in a less satisfying experience as the pen ages.

But the Dream scores big points by being so good at vaporizing stuff that it essentially helps to maintain itself, thus vastly prolonging its lifespan. In the two weeks I have spent with it, the Dream is in better shape than any other vape pen I’ve ever owned, a fact that greatly impresses me.

Most impressive of all is the fact that The Kind Pen offers a full lifetime warranty on all of their pens! This is practically unheard of and means that if any part of the Dream malfunctions, the manufacturer will replace it for only the cost of shipping and handling. So when the dual-quartz coil inevitably craps out, a replacement will only run a measly $7. 

As I alluded to earlier, a handful of quirks keep the Dream  from achieving true perfection. Some of these may be little more than me picking nits, but the devil is in the details and I feel compelled to point out these few, small annoyances:

While I like the overall design of the Dream, the vape is activated by a touch sensor on the bottom of the battery. This results in a clean, button-less design that looks nice but is kind of awkward to use and ultimately falls flat. To use the vape one-handed, I have to clutch it in my fist and use the middle of my pinky finger to activate the touch sensor. This works just fine, but my hand completely obscures the light on the bottom of the unit which makes it tough to tell at a glance whether the unit is active or not. 

Another complaint about the Dream is the designer’s decision to use a glass mouthpiece, which I object to both on the grounds of form and function. The glass looks great when it’s new, but it doesn’t take long for it to get gunked up with wax residue and look gross. This is nothing that a couple of cotton swabs and some rubbing alcohol can’t fix, but it detracts from the sleek, low-profile look that I prefer in a vape pen. Furthermore, since glass is obviously fragile, it’s only a matter of time until the perfectly cylindrical pen rolls off my desk and crashes to the floor, shattering the mouthpiece.

Fortunately, The Kind Pen has planned for this inevitability not only by including a second mouthpiece in the package but also by including the mouthpiece in their warranty replacement program. This all means that if something does happen to the glass on your Dream, you have plenty of backup options. 

The folks at The Kind Pen have clearly invested serious time and effort into designing the perfect vaporizer pen and I’m pleased to say that they’ve come astonishingly close to doing it with the  Dream. Its rock solid performance and great looks have helped it to supplant the Puffco Pro as my go-to vaporizer and its affordable price point and astonishingly comprehensive warranty ensure that the Dream will remain a good value long into its lifespan. These factors and more make the Dream an absolute must-buy for anybody looking to experience the true, state-of-the-art vape pen experience. 

To order a Dream, visit The Kind Pen.

Ryan Petzar is a freelance writer, producer, and sales guy. He lives in the great city of Philadelphia with his wonderful wife and their four fictitious children. He advocates for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, specifically in treating chronic depression, anxiety, and pain. Ryan loves you, the reader, very much. He can be reached at

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