Stoner social app High There! leads to love connection

By Jenny DeHuff

The social-networking app High There!, a matchmaker that connects people over the common bond of marijuana, can now claim credit for at least one engagement.

Love spawned on day one of meeting for Chloe Labbate and Dakota ShyFace of Las Vegas.

Labbate, an outgoing, bubbly brunette, has her own YouTube channel and one series called, “Wake and Bake.” She invited ShyFace over to smoke, cook up some “dream of mushroom” soup and film the very first introduction for her online viewers. A risky move for a first “date,” some might say.

Maybe not. The couple were engaged over the summer and plan to wed July 10, 2017 in California.

“I had tried so many dating sites, even the most random ones that nobody’s ever heard of. I can’t even count,” Labbate told Elevated Nation.

“I had kind of given up at that point on trying to find someone to date,” she said.

ShyFace agreed “I tried them all. I would always look in [others’] bios to see if it said anything about cannabis at all. If it didn’t, I would just go past.”

Labbate initially joined High There! with the intent to look for friends and comrades with whom to smoke, but she ended up finding ShyFace, and that’s when sparks flew.

Here’s a video she posted of their first meeting.

Darren Roberts is the co-founder of the Denver-based app, which was introduced in 2015.

Like Tinder, OkCupid and other dating apps, High There! allows users to “swipe” through profiles in order to find someone with whom to connect. Once you’ve found a match, you’re able to message that person with the app’s built-in chat system.

“In talking to individuals about their association and enjoyment of cannabis, one thing where I saw there was a void was really connecting the cannabis consumer with like-minded people,” Roberts explained.

“There are other social networks and dating opportunities, but there’s always been a big stigma with people who consume, and after doing some research, I felt this was a really good way to be able to bring the community together for multiple reasons, and so we came up with the idea of High There!”

The app has upwards of 250,000 users worldwide, Roberts says. High There! allows users to modify profiles and searches so they can tell others if they want to go out, stay in, their preferred method of consuming (smoking, vaporizing, etc.) and to describe their energy level while on marijuana – so couch potatoes won’t be paired with thrill seekers.

In November, Roberts says, the company will begin to add new features and enhance its look and design in order to draw in new users.  November also coincides, Roberts points out, with marijuana reform amendments on either medical or recreational usage on the ballots in nine U.S. states.

Ryan, a nine-year Army veteran from New Hampshire who didn’t want his last name used, admits he has used the app to acquire weed at times. “I self-medicate until I can get a [medical marijuana] card, so I do buy it illegally, but I hope that I’m able to get a card soon,” he said.

“I’m not looking for dating, but I’ve met a lot of cool people that I talk to on a daily basis. “I have a couple friends I’m able to smoke socially online with…it’s like you’re virtually smoking with people.”

Jenny DeHuff has served as a reporter for Metro, Philadelphia Daily News, and the Norristown Times-Herald. She recently covered the Democratic National Convention for 






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