Utah lawmaker, an anti-cannabis crusader, is a major opioid distributor

High Times dug into a new federal database tracking opioid sales to discover that Evan Vickers, the Utah State Senate Majority Leader, who has been fighting against medical marijuana in the state, runs a string of pharmacies that prescribe more opiate painkillers than almost anyone else in Utah.

Can you say “conflict of interest?” Activists are demanding Vickers recuse himself from all legislation related to marijuana.

“When we saw the outrageous numbers of opiates that Vickers is dispensing, it was alarming to all of us,” Christine Stenquist, Founder and Executive Director of Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education (TRUCE), told High Times.

“Even more alarming is that this man is trying to prohibit cannabis from coming into the state. And we’ve seen in states where there is cannabis, that there’s a decline in pharmaceuticals, especially opiates.”

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