Zonk a fun gift for the stoner gamer in your life

We had to question our stoner cred when we told the maker of the Game of Zonk that we’d never heard of this underground marijuana dice game he swore has been played since the 1970s.

We asked around and felt better that others hadn’t heard of the game. But some had. Go figure.

The dice game, that has been played in dorm rooms, parties, and even on rock bands tour buses for nearly forty years has been newly issued and packaged by Florida’s Sibbanacal.

If you’re a degenerate like us, then the first thing you’ll be excited about is the the new glass bowl inside the game kit alongside five dice, four white and one red one.  You earn points through initially-complicated, then much easier to understand point combinations earned by various dice rolls. are rewarded along the way with hits from the enclosed glass bowl, or your own device.

Players are rewarded along the way with hits from the official game bowl, or any other device.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to earn 10,000 points. To us, every player who isn’t the scorekeeper in charge of lots of math is a winner.  Zonk proves a fun way to get high and feel social at once.  The game makes a great gift for the competitive stoner in your life.

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